Is your company prepared to fight “The New War?”

With the recent well-publicized security breaches at Sony and Target, company executives throughout the nation and the world are realizing that this is the time to focus on the security of data in their companies.

Executives have traditionally seen cyber security as a “bottomless pit,” requiring extensive time and money, but without any guarantee of real protection. So what should they do to feel like they “have a handle” on the protection of their company’s data, and that the money they are spending is well spent?

First, they need an assessment of their company’s data assets and its storage. Once that is completed, they need a plan—a written plan that identifies and determines a host of variables that can affect data security. Third, they need to put that plan into action, breaking it down into a series of manageable tasks that can be accomplished on a daily basis.

Why Choose Information Risk Strategy Consulting ?

Information Risk Strategy Consulting is a cyber security consulting firm providing interim and virtual CIO/CTO/CISO services to businesses in the areas of IT strategy, architecture, design, security and process maturity. IRSC also provides cyber due diligence to investors and acquirers as part of investment vetting process.

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